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Iceland Timelapses & Slomo's

A short timelapse video of my trip around Iceland. The timelapse clips were mainly shot during lunch breaks, as we were constantly on the move. A great time with spectacular views!

Best views at 720p (HD) or 1080p (full HD)

1000 Eventos (Moraira/Teulada commercial)

The townhall of Moraira-Teulada  asked me to make a video commercial of the activities and events they organize during spring season: Fiesta del Mar, TMoving, Semana Santa Fiesta del Buceo etc...

Moraira Timelapsed  (Townhall commercial)

After having made 2 timelapse videos of Moraira and surroundings, they caught the interest of the Teulada-Moraira Townhall resulting in a video promoting the town at tourism tradeshows, social media and public events.

Although the timelapsing itself meant endless hours of recording and post-production, the most challenging part was me composing a song for this.


This video was based on my first two timelapse videos:


Ciudad de las Ciencias & Artes - Timelapse

This was my first timelapse video shot entirely in video mode as I had no intervalometer yet. Thousands of useless video frames and gigabytes but I enjoyed running around that place during 2 free afternoons in Valencia. Music: Aes Dana.


1 day on the Teide (Tenerife Timelapse)

I had little time on that mountain trying to capture the beauty of thos mountain, it resulted in this 30 second timelapse.

I dedicate this to my very patient girlfriend ;) 



Snails are much more fun to watch when timelapsed.


Looking for the action videos?

Visit my other website for Mediterranean surf, windsurf & skate videos/photos from the past 10 years


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