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23/04/2024 - Cap d'Or Moonrise 2.0

It's all about team work. Thanks Alex for climbing up there using the existing bolts on the tower. Check out the video as well:

28/01/2024 - Aquarelle

To I do like to over expose while shooting objects in a mirror-like sea, making the sea & sky look like one. Aquarelle-1-Varadero is the winner of the Grefusa 300 Millas trophy

08/11/2022 - Cap d'Or Moonrise

To calculate where the moon will rise from the sea is easy, but to know when or where it will pop out of a mountain is another thing. Thanking my astronaut friends for waiting patiently and posing beside the tower...

Make sure you check out the video of this moonrise as well:


13/07/2022 VIDEO - Sail into Moonrise

For this moonrise I contacted Charter Moraira. From land I was giving directions on where to sail and we finally managed to get the boat inside the rising moon. The moon created a great optical effect as it detached itself from the horizon, so lucky!

Full moon timelapses

19/02/2022 VIDEO - A few moonrises

The past months I have been planning some moonrise filming at scenic locations. Always fingers crossed for clouds not to ruin the shot. Filmed with 400mm from Albir Moro de Toix and Cumbre del Sol.

Sea of clouds Timelapse video

30/12/2021 VIDEO - Sea of clouds

A day & night timelapse of the mist banks crawling into the Marina Alta.

29/06/2021 the Umbrella Man project

My initial intention was to have someone blowing bubbles underneath the umbrella, simulating rain (upside-down). However, as we got into the sea, we were surrounded by these stingers... well that became jelly rain instead of bubble rain.

Thanks to Michele who managed to swim upside down and into position while wearing my old suit! 

25/06/2021 Full moon paddle

The full moon did not rise directly from the sea as there was a little layer of clouds at the horizon. It wa still worth the paddle. Thanks Elvi for paddling out there and for listening patiently to my directions over the phone (left, right, no... further!)

06/06/2021 Upside down Lewis

This is the first time I tried out my new LiquidEye waterhousing with my recently repaired Canon 7DII. I asked lewis to stand upside down in order to create this surreal effect. He did a great job, a natural waterman

26/05/2021 Moonrise over Cap Prim

I wanted to capture the full moon rising out of the sea touching the Cap Prim with the 100-400mm lense. However, it didn't show itself until 15 minutes later due to the clouds. It was still worth it, with great company and a fresh beer ;)

17/10/2020 Mediterranean cave

For months I had this cave shot in mind. Finally on a sunny flatwater day I managed to capture the above & below of this beautiful place with the help of a very patient diver ;) 

26/09/2020 SUP Yoga & submarine

After many years I decides to use my EWA waterhousing for my Canon 7DII again. It certainly beats the GoPro in clarity and colors. Here are the talented Vero and Westley filling up the scene at El Portet beach, fun & great teamwork!


26/04/2020 VIDEO - Volveremos al Mar!

A reel I made during the Covid-19 lockdown with a mix of new and old clips. We hope we can soon enjoy the sea and scenic views again!

26/03/2020 Freedom vs. corona virus

Spring is starting and the colors are becoming more intense.Two birds photobombed my camera while shooting a timelapse while we are in the middle of the corona crisis, symbolical for the freedom of movement we all are craving for now.

22/12/2018 Xàbia

I borrowed the Canon 1DX + 400mm x 1.4 converterfor a couple of days in order to shoot the moonrise over Ibiza , that however did not work out as planned (mist & location). This was my plan B... Thanks to the TPE app I knew the full moon would rise exactly over the lighthouse of the Cabo de la Nao if I would shoot from Cala Moraig. It was very exciting to catch the first glimpse of this massive full moon!

17/11/2018 Xàbia

The waves that day were too messy to surf so I grabbed my camera instead of my board. I polished the wave into a smooth one with a 0,3 second exposure (ND8 filter).

07/11/2018 El Portet

Dramatic & scenic views after sunset with Joe just finishing his surf session.  Panorama of 3 vertical 11 mm photos (15 sec exposure)

07/11/2018 El Portet

IThe photogenic views from El Portet never get bored. This photo was taken with a ND8 filter allowing me to do a 3 second exposure causing the waves to appear blurred.

13/10/2018 'Costa Blanca'

It was quite tough reaching this place at night by the sea with heavy Waters, but so much worth it!

In order to light up the sea I attached a strong flashlight to a little anchor. A big thank you to these 3 brave girls!

I won't expose te exact location as this place has already  been heavily instagrammed by 'influencers'.

05/10/2018 El Portet/Moraira

It is hard to see the stars and even harder to spot the milky way at the light polluted Costa Blanca. This is a 5 image panorama inbetween El Portet and Moraira (15 sec exposures)

05/06/2018 'Costa Blanca'

This half open cave is only accessible by sea. We call this place a priceless 1000 star hotel!

23/05/2018 Ecuador, Quilotoa

The hike around the entire crater at Quilotoa was breathtaking, both due to stunning views and the lack of oxygen at these heights (almost 4 km altitude)

23/05/2018 Ecuador

Ecuador is a good alternative to Peru if you don't want to be sharing beautiful locations with some mass tourism.

Here we had a refreshing break at the Taxopamba waterfall. 

14/04/2017 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was an amazing experience, culture and landscape wise. Here is a sunset shot with 0,3 sec shutter speed near Bentota.

28/01/2017 Ifach, Regata & whipped cream

Trofeo 5 Clubes 2017 Moraira...

My point of view from El Portet beach

18/01/2017 Bernia sugarpowder

It was a rare sight to see our coast covered with snow

08/12/1216 Cauma reflection

One of the few lakes in Switzerland with tropical blue colour relections

07/09/16 SUP training

These dudes never stop training for the long distance races no metter he conditions. Happy to see them win some serious battles this year

22/06/1216 A night at Benagil

We paddled to this cave right after sunset... with right amount of food, beer and candles to light up this cave.... it was magical..

VIDEO - A little surf video in between

A After a fun surf session I grabbed my camera and managed to still get some footage of the local dudes just before sunset. A tough slab, you take off fast or you hit the shallow rock

04/01/16 Great start of the year!

Wishing you all a happy new year!

It seems that this year started off really well compared to the passed months... for us surfers obviously!

Good winds and rough seas to play with, and some great rewarding sunsets, good times...

26/12/15 Cova del Orguens

A great cave to visit at the Cabo de a Nao with a cathedral like entrance.

Best time to visit off-season in order to avoid large crowds of jetskiers and enjoy the peace...

26/11/15 The elephant's eye

This place is known as the 'eye of the elephant' or 'Cova Ampla', a hole in the Montgo mountain with several caves within.

I had to take multiple shots and blend them together in order to capture the magniture of it all, stunning views..

08/11/15 Falla del Moraig

My friend Juan Hernandez and I paddled through a very narrow entrance into the Falla del Moraig where there is cold sweetwater flowing from an underground river, an epic place where the sunlight only shines for one hour max... awesome views and great fun!

18/10/15 A fun & scenic surf session

I went with my buddy surfers to check out a new spot that only has good waves under certain conditions. A tricky place with very shallow rocks to surf around but the scenic settings are superb! (secret spot;)

28/09/15 When the tourists are gone

I visited Lago d'Orta, a small lake town with magnificent views in northern Italy, then I saw this sunset light shining through a narrow alley on an ancient street. I wanted to capture that perfect light moment but there were too many tourists around, I was about to give up but then there she was...

08/09/15  After the storm

After some heavy rain days (Gota fria) it was nice to come out and paddle and enjoy the first rays of light at sunset...

03/09/15  Skydive

Summer is all about enjoying mediterranean outdoor life, paddling and cliff jumping.

03/09/15  Electrical storm...

I saw the electrical storm passing over Denia and thought the top of the Cumbre del Sol would be the place to capture it.

A kind of risky spot for capturing lightning but well worth it!

02/09/15  Paddling Cap d'Or

It has been years since I last paddled with my friend Jack. Great time catching up with scenic views.

20/06/15  Selfie time!

I borrowed a GoPro for the weekend... Although I am against selfie sticks, thought it could be useful in this case

31/05/15  Granadella paddling

Some peaceful paddles in the Granadella area (Jávea) just before the jetski & speedboat infested season starts...

25/04/15  Circuito SUP Race Mediterráneo

Great conditions for this 10 km SUP race event in Denia.

Manually over exposed to get this snow-like shot ;)

05/15  Video of a Photo Shoot

I joined my friend Juan Hernandez at the Cardamom Boutique photo shoot with model Esther Blasco Marzo and decided to make some video footage on the side. Portrait photography is not my usual thing but this model was just asking to be captured on full HD video ;)

02/15  February action...

Here is a small gallery of some February action, some surf and windsurf.

Thanking my friend Eva for taking some shots of me as well while SUP surfing and windsurfing...

If you want to follow the surfy side of my photograpy, please follow the SurfDudeSpain page on FaceBook 

25/01/15  Just... one more wave

It's freezing cold and the sun has set... You rode a couple of good waves today but you want to wait for that perfect one to ride you back home again

09/01/15  A weekend of star chasing.... (3 photo slideshow)

Night visits to the Cova de les Sendres and to the Falla del Moraig with a spectacular moonrise reward...

Calendario Moraira  2015

Every month a different piece of Moraira/El Portet in your office or kitchen wall?

This year the calendar is A3 size, available at the Platgetes paper store. Limited print of 100 copies, Price €15,-

-Sold out-


Quieres tener un poco de Moraira o El Portet en el muro de tu cocina u oficina?

Este año el tamaño del calendario es A3, disponible en la papeleria de Platgetes. Edición limitada de 100 unidades. Precio €15,-  

27/10/14 - Stars over cala Moraig

One of those clear nights with bright stars at the cala of the Cumbre del Sol.

18/10/14 Front row sunset views

The best place to watch a great day's ending

Iceland trip - June 2014

A separate photo gallery of this great 10 day trip around Iceland

VIDEO - Iceland Timelapses & Slomo's

A short timelapse video of my trip around Iceland. The timelapse clips were mainly shot during lunch breaks, as we were constantly on the move. A great time with spectacular views!

Best views at 720p (HD) or 1080p (full HD)

14/06/14 - Vertigo

Dare-devil Borja showing his high jumping skills at the Cala Pesebret.

14/03/14 - Friday aternoon take-off

Surfer about to take off on a glassy wave. The local dudes have been waiting for these hometown waves for months.

Punta Hidalgo (Tenerife)

A great surf spot in Tenerife. This photo is one of 200 I shot for a timelapse sequence, which I finally never published.


1 second shutter speed, after sunset surf

VIDEO - Timelapses part II

I spent quite some time on this 2nd timelapse movie, always being alert about atmospherical changes, clear starry nights, upcoming sunsets.... Finally the over 8000 photos I shot resulted in this video where the post-production efforts shouldn't be underrated.   Best views at 720p (HD) or 1080p (full HD).... enjoy!

Jump & Reflect

Sunset with an 11mm lens stuck on the floor in front of a small 1-2 meter wide puddle, the effect can be amazing.  

Sunset SUP surf

Dude Lewis surfing the beach break and me upto my waist in the water holding the camera without waterproof gear so I can use the flash, tricky!  

1 day at El Teide

I was planning on making a 1 minute timelapse video but due to a malfunctioning intervalometer lots of photos become useles. This is what I could rescue when back home.

Music: Piano Jeroen Van Veen - Sound effects: FM7 synthesizer


Downhill skateboarding with priceless views from Cumbre del Sol.  Shot with Canon 50mm F/1,4

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